Sunday, 12 May 2013

Hobby weekend


Hobby wise not much has happened this week. But this weekend however, I got some time over and spent it on painting. The painting goals I had for last month did not happen - safe to say. xD But today and yesterday I at least finished of the plaguebearers (and get all the material I need to make a painting guide ^^), 10 bloodletters, the last pink horror (one sneaky one had hidden - noticed after finishing the other ones that there were only nine of them) and gotten started on the Herald of Khorne. 

I love that I chose to speed paint my daemons. I get to feel that I have accomplished something when it comes to painting and not just paint one models a week or whatever. Also playing with/against painted modes is way better than against/with grey ones. =)



  1. Wholeheartedly agree with your last paragraph. When I decided I was fed up with playing with unpainted armies I picked Daemons (Nurgle in fact). The ability to paint them quickly (I hate painting) and still get a result which looks good is a godsend.

    Love your Daemons, especially the Plaguebearers (though I may just be bias). Look forward to seeing the next update.

  2. I've got a horde of Bloodletters staring at me at the moment and they'll definitely be speed painted! I think Daemons, especially Khorne and Nurgle, actually lend themselves to fast painting really well... your technique for painting the Nurgle guys is great. With Khorne its just a case of basing them red (Mephiston red is my choice), washing them with Nuln Oil and then a quick highlight and some detail picking like the horns. Painted a Daemon Prince in less than 30 minutes that way (not counting drying time for the ink!).
    Keep up the great work, love your blog and your Youtube channels is one of my favourites.

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    1. (Sorry, typing malfunction there.)

      Greetings! Just discovered your expressive gaming outlet here, and cheers to your continuing efforts.

      I just watched your 'how I got into this evil, temptation-laden hobby' video, and it reminded me about my Orks.

      I actually got really sick of looking at green on 'em too, so I decided to paint some orange ones. I'm enjoying them immensely, without signs of getting bored with them (yet). They're my secondary force, so I can bop back and forth between projects, keeping myself interested. Having several models in different stages helps, too. If I feel like painting and detailing, I have some that need it. If I feel like basecoating, I have some at that stage. Model-building? I have a couple here in a box somewhere...

      Anyway, keep up the good work, and cheers to you.

  4. Hej! Kul att se din blogg och vlog! Kände att jag var tvungen att lämna en kommentar eftersom jag också heter Sara, bor i Sverige, och just har påbörjat en chaos-daemons-armé (fast fantasy). Är helt ny på warhammer, så tutorials som dina är värdefulla, tack!