Saturday, 27 April 2013

Hobby time!


Today I started my day with reading the new White Dwarf. Yes, I know that most people I talk to do not like the White Dwarf very much but I have to say that after they redid it and released to iPads then it really has improved. I very much like how I can look at many of the models and be able to zoom in and rotate them. That's by far the best part!
Anyways, I was looking through the new range of High Elves, quite impressed with some of the releases - especially the phoenixes. Those are the kind of models that I'd buy just to assemble and paint, even though I don't play the army itself. Only thing that was a let down with the release was the lack of troops...cause really those look horrible. I hope they redo them in a second wave!
Looking through the magazine ignited quite the hobby spark. I just wanted to sit down and paint, Lots! So I picked up my poor unfinished Pink Horros and gave them their very last details and some bases:

Ofc I now also realize that I forgot to give them neat looking eyes. But I'm gonna say that they are done anyways! ;) I'll fix that when I get back home =)

At the same time I tried out a new paintscheme for my Plaguebearers. I wanted to see if I could do them in just washes, like I did the herald, cause it would be fun with a unit that looks a little different from the ones I already have. So when I had done my first one I thought: yeah, this looks good! Hence I continued to paint all of them like that: 

The first one is just to give a better view of the skintone cause it wasn't really showing on the groupshot. I must say I'm quite pleased with the result and now I have only to make their weapons, eyes and other tiny details and then they'll be all done. Really quick! Think it took me, including the time I had to wait for them to dry, like 2 hours. Good speed paint result ^^

So all in all, the time I spent at home with all my paints = a really productive day! Awesome! =) 

Also here's the videolog I did the other day: 


Hope you have a great evening!! 



  1. Wow those plaguebearers actually look really nice. I can see your painting has definitely improved. I'm usually not impressed with daemon models as far as the colors go but i enjoyed these. Huge step up that's for sure.

    I'm trying to get better at painting myself and asked the GW employee there. He said they give free lessons and he would've given me one but i just didn't have the supplies on me at the moment. For some odd reason i really wanted to paint earlier today. I could really use all the help i can get.

    I played a game yesterday and lost but not by much. It felt much more satisfying esp. in the opening turns for me. I just need a few more tweaks to my list and i'll be good.

    I'm really looking into getting some dark eldar going. I know i've been saying it but the money just isn't there to get them. I would like to get the book first but i was a bit short so i just bought paints today instead. I am going on vacation for a bit so i need to keep some of my money for the trip.

    Anyway nice to see an update and remember to keep doing them. Keep up with the hobby!

    1. Thank you :)

      Aye I know that feeling, it springs up on you everynow and then: Must Paint! ^^
      Have you tried looking at Youtube, or even white dwarfs - sometimes I find their tips to be quite helpful. =)

  2. I watched a bluetablepainting video from adepticon this morning and Chun from Wargamers Consortium mentioned you, then listening on podcast on work you show up on the 11th company with an interwiew so congrats on getting your name out there =)I was up in umeå this weekend for fantasia fanatic but I got a meager 1 win 1 draw 3 losses but I had fun and met some nice people and saw som pretty amazing armies. The Tau one that won best painted on the 40k side was sick. GLHF