Tuesday, 16 April 2013


yay it's finally done! With a base and everything ^^ No I just have to take some better pictures tomorrow and get started on the tutorial :) 



  1. Very nice and neat. I'm not a fan of the beige Tau scheme but you have done a really nice job. Neater than my own unfortunately :)

    There's so much lining of Tau models I rarely have the patience to neaten everything up!

    The white/grey aerial is a nice touch. I usually find the inclusion of a completely different colour really makes a 2 colour paint scheme 'pop' and a model stand out more.

    Most of my models here have a touch of white on them for variety.


    1. Thank you :)

      I do really like the white that you have on your models! I always struggle with getting an even white layer - you did a neat job! Is it airbrush or just ordinary brushes? =)

    2. It's ordinary brushes :)

      Usually black undercoat, 2-3 thin grey layers, lighter each time (I used adeptus battlegrey, codex grey and then fortress grey, and then 3-4 thin layers of white. Takes a while but looks nice.

      I even used the same technique on my Crimson fist commander helmets to make them stand out.


    3. Of course there's the new GW white base paint but I haven't tried that yet..

  2. Haven't seen you post in a while. Hope everything's ok. Guess we all need a break some time.

    1. Aye I was on a sort of berak - needed to do lots of stuff in a short period of time and then hobbying was forgotten for a while :O But hope that I can go back to more constant updates now ^^