Sunday, 7 April 2013

The first Tau video

Hello :)

So yesterday I made my first Tau review (out of several).

I know that I'm always one step behind with uploading them to the blog, at least it will feel that way if you're in the same time zone, or close to it, cause I upload them during the night so they'll always be up the next day, if one is not from US. ^^

Today I'm planning on a nice and quite sunday with the Tau codex in one hand and some snacks in the other. ^^
Gonna make the first (since I'm guessing I won't be able to cover all of the HQ:s in on video) HQ video today - everyday will be packed with so much new content, for myself, that I'll have to try really hard not to convert to Tau. I really like new stuff and it's hard not to feel tempted to try new stuff out to and not just talk about it!
Also I've decided to "borrow" a Broadside from my friend, paint it up and make a tutorial. Though it has to be the way he wishes since it's not mine so it will be traditionally orange (not my first choice had I had an army of my own but nice enough ^^).'

So have a nice Sunday! :)


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  1. I just got started on Tau as well. The Hammerhead kit has some extra bits so you can fit out another tank as either a Hammerhead / Skyray depending on which bits you have leftover.