Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tiny break


Yes you guessed it I was on a tiny break for a few days. Been spending time with friends and painting the Broadside - the lining took way longer than I had anticipated, not really used to doing lining so I guess that's why ^^

It turned out neatly anyways:

Now all that's left to do is to give it a very neat little base! Since I am making this for someone he does have specific requirements and so I have to wait for him to tell me how to use weathering powders and other scenic stuff before I can finish it off. Might be today but most likely tomorrow :)

This weekend I was supposed to have played Warhammer with my friends but we ended up trying out Super Dungeon Explore. It's a board game made by Sodapop miniatures and it's really good! We ended up playing it three times instead of doing anything else x)

Also I went to GW to be in that painting competition I talked about earlier:

Sorry it's just a crappy photo from my camera. There was quite a few entires actually! And so many neat ones! ^^
I did win one category though! With my 20 saurus warriors from my very non-finished Lizardmen army. Granted it was only mine and one more entry but it was still fun ^^ Also I placed third in 40K squads. With my Nurglings! Glorious! ^^ All in all it was really fun entering and seeing more than my own models for a change. Now I have to find a model to work on for a year so I can enter it and win a category with more than one other competitor! ^^ Wonder which one would be the most fun..hmm...

And oh yeah, before I forget, the very last part:




  1. Love playing SDE and the expansions look great. Your painting is improving each day, congrats.

    1. Yeah it was a really funny game! =) I actually really enjoyed being able to play as monsters for once!
      And thanks =)

  2. The hammerhead has kind of gone down by about 20pts as it now gets the railgun for free :)