Saturday, 27 April 2013

Hobby time!


Today I started my day with reading the new White Dwarf. Yes, I know that most people I talk to do not like the White Dwarf very much but I have to say that after they redid it and released to iPads then it really has improved. I very much like how I can look at many of the models and be able to zoom in and rotate them. That's by far the best part!
Anyways, I was looking through the new range of High Elves, quite impressed with some of the releases - especially the phoenixes. Those are the kind of models that I'd buy just to assemble and paint, even though I don't play the army itself. Only thing that was a let down with the release was the lack of troops...cause really those look horrible. I hope they redo them in a second wave!
Looking through the magazine ignited quite the hobby spark. I just wanted to sit down and paint, Lots! So I picked up my poor unfinished Pink Horros and gave them their very last details and some bases:

Ofc I now also realize that I forgot to give them neat looking eyes. But I'm gonna say that they are done anyways! ;) I'll fix that when I get back home =)

At the same time I tried out a new paintscheme for my Plaguebearers. I wanted to see if I could do them in just washes, like I did the herald, cause it would be fun with a unit that looks a little different from the ones I already have. So when I had done my first one I thought: yeah, this looks good! Hence I continued to paint all of them like that: 

The first one is just to give a better view of the skintone cause it wasn't really showing on the groupshot. I must say I'm quite pleased with the result and now I have only to make their weapons, eyes and other tiny details and then they'll be all done. Really quick! Think it took me, including the time I had to wait for them to dry, like 2 hours. Good speed paint result ^^

So all in all, the time I spent at home with all my paints = a really productive day! Awesome! =) 

Also here's the videolog I did the other day: 


Hope you have a great evening!! 


Thursday, 25 April 2013

Working on a new paint guide...


So after I made the how to paint for the broadside I got a comment on youtube saying I should make another one, but something bigger. So I thought why not a Hammerhead? It might be a good evening activity. ^^
But I have never really painted a tank before and I don't have an airbrush so I'm gonna have to make one heck of a paint job for it to have a smooth surface and look neat! Challenge accepted! ;)

So today I tried out making patterns on a random piece of terrain that I had at home. I know the colors are all wrong, I just wanted to see what it would look like. The technique itself, of making patterns that is, I'm quite pleased with. =) I think with some more practice it might look nice! Lucky for me I have lots of random pieces lying around that I can practice on before covering a hammerhead in marking tape and going bananas! ^^
Here's what the first try looked like:

Not to shabby ;)

Now I'm gonna start working on a videolog to do later tonight!

Anyways - have a nice day =)


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

How to paint a Broadside

Hello peeps

Here's the How to paint guide for the Broadside. Granted I have already posted it on youtube a few days earlier but anyways:

I know I have been absent - have had a few things that needed taking care of and so hobbying was left on the shelf for a few days. But hopefully all done now!
Yesterday I played a really quick game against Tau. I say quick cause it was over sooo fast. My daemons were sent back into the warp faster than I could say: Blood for the blood god. Worst ever xD But it was a stoke of luck for the Tau player and some bad luck on my part so I can't say for sure that I hate Tau just yet ^^Need a rematch. And I also need for him to finish painting them soon so that I can show you when I WIN (ah yes, sweet revenge I shall have!)
I decided to go with 2 groups of plaguebearers (10), 10 bloodletters, 10 daemonettes, 20 pink horrors, 3 screamers, Pinky (soul grinder), 1 herald of nurgle and 1 herald of slaanesh. Basically I just wanted to field all my troops xD It was an awesome feeling with all those daemons on 1000p, even if I did loose ^^

I hope you all have been getting some more hobby time in than I have! =)


Tuesday, 16 April 2013


yay it's finally done! With a base and everything ^^ No I just have to take some better pictures tomorrow and get started on the tutorial :) 


Tiny break


Yes you guessed it I was on a tiny break for a few days. Been spending time with friends and painting the Broadside - the lining took way longer than I had anticipated, not really used to doing lining so I guess that's why ^^

It turned out neatly anyways:

Now all that's left to do is to give it a very neat little base! Since I am making this for someone he does have specific requirements and so I have to wait for him to tell me how to use weathering powders and other scenic stuff before I can finish it off. Might be today but most likely tomorrow :)

This weekend I was supposed to have played Warhammer with my friends but we ended up trying out Super Dungeon Explore. It's a board game made by Sodapop miniatures and it's really good! We ended up playing it three times instead of doing anything else x)

Also I went to GW to be in that painting competition I talked about earlier:

Sorry it's just a crappy photo from my camera. There was quite a few entires actually! And so many neat ones! ^^
I did win one category though! With my 20 saurus warriors from my very non-finished Lizardmen army. Granted it was only mine and one more entry but it was still fun ^^ Also I placed third in 40K squads. With my Nurglings! Glorious! ^^ All in all it was really fun entering and seeing more than my own models for a change. Now I have to find a model to work on for a year so I can enter it and win a category with more than one other competitor! ^^ Wonder which one would be the most fun..hmm...

And oh yeah, before I forget, the very last part:



Friday, 12 April 2013

More tau


Time for more Tau stuff! Surprise!

Today I'll be making my last video for the Tau review. Kinda sad, now I have to wait for another codex to come out to do a new one! But seeing as it seems the next release from GW seems to be High Elves well then that could be a while.

Anyways, the Broadside is coming along just fine!

Though I was a tad sloppy with the dark lining so I'm gonna have to redo some parts! I mean after all it's not my broadside so I have to make it look like his - and damn that one looks good! x) When the broadside is done I'll post a picture of both of them so you can see what I mean ^^

Speaking of neat looking models! Yesterday I went to Gothenburg and the local GW store. They're hosting a local painting competition called the Fang and I figured I'd entered. Maybe I should have checked the competition out before doing that though...heh...ah well, you never know until you try no? :)
I entered Pinky, Kairos, 6 nurglings and the herald of nurgle for 40K and my slann, 20 saurus warriors and a skink priest for the fantasy part. My daemon shelf feels a bit empty now that they are away on a trip. :/ But they'll be back tomorrow so it's not for long :)

Now I'm off to be productive!
Have a nice day

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Tau Troops


So yesterday i finished of the review for troops, dedicated transport and marker lights:

Also I finished reading through all of the lore in the codex. It was very well written I must say! I haven't read the lore in the old codex but maybe I should do that too...
I love how they make Tau sound like a super nice race that only work for the greater good. It even made me think that they were still nice, even when killing of those that didn't share their view. Sneaky!

Also painted some on the broadside yesterday:

It's coming along just fine I think :)
Even though I don't really like Tau, I find their models to be a little too bulky and boring, the models are really nice to paint! The lining is killing me but the result looks good, even after only a few layers. ^^

Hopefully I will get some more layers on it later this afternoon. Aiming to have it done alongside the reviews. ^^


Monday, 8 April 2013

Tau Review - HQs part 2/2


This will just be a quick update:

Hope you like it ^^


Tau HQ part 1


So here's the first part of the HQs for Tau - gonna start working on part two later tonight. :)

Yesterday I picked up my friends Broadside so now I have assembled it and it's ready for its first layer of paint :) Hopefully I will have time to do that too today!!
Have read through half of the lore for Tau so far and i must say it's very well written. Though yet I have not had the urge to convert to Tau - to little chaos ;)


Sunday, 7 April 2013

The first Tau video

Hello :)

So yesterday I made my first Tau review (out of several).

I know that I'm always one step behind with uploading them to the blog, at least it will feel that way if you're in the same time zone, or close to it, cause I upload them during the night so they'll always be up the next day, if one is not from US. ^^

Today I'm planning on a nice and quite sunday with the Tau codex in one hand and some snacks in the other. ^^
Gonna make the first (since I'm guessing I won't be able to cover all of the HQ:s in on video) HQ video today - everyday will be packed with so much new content, for myself, that I'll have to try really hard not to convert to Tau. I really like new stuff and it's hard not to feel tempted to try new stuff out to and not just talk about it!
Also I've decided to "borrow" a Broadside from my friend, paint it up and make a tutorial. Though it has to be the way he wishes since it's not mine so it will be traditionally orange (not my first choice had I had an army of my own but nice enough ^^).'

So have a nice Sunday! :)


Friday, 5 April 2013

Tau time!

Morning! :)

Soon time for me to go down to the "local" GW store and pick up my copy of the Tau codex. :D

Oh, it's gonna be so much fun. This will be like when I did the one for Dark Angels - aka. I have no idea whatsoever what it'll be like. Exciting! ^^
Gonna get the old codex from a friend today too so that I have a comparison of what it was like before. Lots of reading today in other words. :) Aiming to do a "what has changed" video later tonight :)

Also gonna make sure to pick up some new glues and paints and stuff. I hate when I run out because I don't visit the store very often!


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

more painting...


Here's a quick painting update:

Have kept on painting today. Got really motivated with the painting goals and everything so now I have started on the Undead Blood Bowl team - this it an almost finished zombie. I have done 4 of them now. Only thing I have left is the hair and I can't figure out  good way to do it so I'll just leave it for now. I do that every now and then, if I can't figure a detail out I leave it and come back to it later on.

Thinking of painting some more now but this time the Pink Horrors, they are so close to done, don't  know why I just stopped. :/

Anyways, have a nice evening :)


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Back from the holidays

Evening ^^

So I'm back from the holidays! ^^ I had a great time in Stockholm. Haven't been there for quite some time and it was nice with some change of location
Here's the latest v-log:

Today I finished of the Blood Bowl team :D

I quite like how they turned out, specially the bone :) And now they are going up on ebay and I'm gonna get started on the Undead team. Yay, first out of three paint goals. Or perhaps more if I just list all of my daemons that I have left to paint...

Pink Horrors x 10 (almost done)
Plaguebearers x10
Bloodletters x10
Herald of Khorne
Herald of Slaanesh
Herald on Bloodcrusher
Bloodcrushers x 3
Plaguedrones x3
Exatled chariot of Tzeentch with herald
The Masque
Nurgle Plague Hulk

damn...just saying "all daemons" felt way easier...! Oh well, I'l give it a good try! ^^

Off to bed now - have a nice evening ^^