Friday, 12 April 2013

More tau


Time for more Tau stuff! Surprise!

Today I'll be making my last video for the Tau review. Kinda sad, now I have to wait for another codex to come out to do a new one! But seeing as it seems the next release from GW seems to be High Elves well then that could be a while.

Anyways, the Broadside is coming along just fine!

Though I was a tad sloppy with the dark lining so I'm gonna have to redo some parts! I mean after all it's not my broadside so I have to make it look like his - and damn that one looks good! x) When the broadside is done I'll post a picture of both of them so you can see what I mean ^^

Speaking of neat looking models! Yesterday I went to Gothenburg and the local GW store. They're hosting a local painting competition called the Fang and I figured I'd entered. Maybe I should have checked the competition out before doing that though...heh...ah well, you never know until you try no? :)
I entered Pinky, Kairos, 6 nurglings and the herald of nurgle for 40K and my slann, 20 saurus warriors and a skink priest for the fantasy part. My daemon shelf feels a bit empty now that they are away on a trip. :/ But they'll be back tomorrow so it's not for long :)

Now I'm off to be productive!
Have a nice day


  1. The Broadside is looking good. Good Luck with the painting competition!


  2. Got me a cold so now I got time to look through your youtube channel. keep up the good work =)

    1. well good that you find them that entertaining ^^ Hope you feel better soon though ^^