Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Back from the holidays

Evening ^^

So I'm back from the holidays! ^^ I had a great time in Stockholm. Haven't been there for quite some time and it was nice with some change of location
Here's the latest v-log:

Today I finished of the Blood Bowl team :D

I quite like how they turned out, specially the bone :) And now they are going up on ebay and I'm gonna get started on the Undead team. Yay, first out of three paint goals. Or perhaps more if I just list all of my daemons that I have left to paint...

Pink Horrors x 10 (almost done)
Plaguebearers x10
Bloodletters x10
Herald of Khorne
Herald of Slaanesh
Herald on Bloodcrusher
Bloodcrushers x 3
Plaguedrones x3
Exatled chariot of Tzeentch with herald
The Masque
Nurgle Plague Hulk

damn...just saying "all daemons" felt way easier...! Oh well, I'l give it a good try! ^^

Off to bed now - have a nice evening ^^



  1. blood bowl is such a great game you should maybe give it a try.

    1. I know - there's just so many things I wanna do and so little time :P But maybe later on ^^

  2. Adult guys have a hard time getting their parents to understand their "toy-playing" hobby, and I can only imagine how much harder it must be for an adult woman.

    Parents tend to think we`re just imature and living a late childhood. :-P

    1. Lol, yeah they do. Nah from what I've seen it's basically the same for females and males. ^^