Tuesday, 26 March 2013



So first off here's the videolog I did yesterday:

And today I have been painting some:

I'm really liking how they're turning out - specially the bone. Which in itself sucks cause now I have to redo three of the other guys that I did like half a year ago because it doesn't look at all as nice x) 

God I'm in the mood to play Warhammer and my Daemons - sucks that you need a co-player sometimes! Last game was so much fun! As I said in the video it went really great. 
Here's the list I used: 

Daemon Prince with mark of Tzeentch, wings and a lv 2 psyker. (also a greater reward that gave his c.c. attacks instant death and an other one giving the attacks fleshbane/armorbane)
Herald of Nurgle, psyker lv 2 and the locus that gives feel no pain
Herald of Tzeentch, psyker lv 2
Herald of Khorne with a greater reward

10 Daemonettes with unit champion
10 Bloodletters with unit champion, icon
10 Plaguebearers with unit champion, icon
20 Pink Horros with unit champion, icon and instrument

Burning Chariot of Tzeentch 
Pinky with phlegm and daemon of Nurgle

3 Screamers
3 Flamers

In total 1500p

My poor daemon prince, that I thought would devour some of the nasty terminators he lost two wounds to the nephilim hetfighter and was grounded, taking another wound and then was shot and killed. And I was about to charge with him in the next round. Stroke of bad luck...but the the Herald of Nurgle and the Daemonettes stepped up their game and did awesome! The screamers did absolutely nothing, nor the flamers cause they were killed instantly (old habits die hard for my opponent it seemed). 
And so now I wanna go again! With all of my darlin' daemons :) 



  1. I´m thinking of getting into malifaux, alot of the peolpe on my club play it, you only need 15 models and a 3x3 table and a game can be done in an hour. Since the investment to start isn´t that big I´m gonna atleast try it out.

    1. Yeah Malifaux sounds neat! ^^ Though I only know one more person who wants to try it so I'll wait for a while before I try it out.

  2. I don`t see why people use venerable dreads in 6th. Now that they can be glanced to death, it`s a total waste of additional 60 points for nothing, most of times.

    On another subject, how do you like the new Deamons Codex dropping the general rule of deep strike for all deamons? Do you think it took some of the flavor of the army away? I get this impression, even though I don`t play them.

    1. well that particular dreadnought has done some heavy damage in all of the games I've seen it in so far. ^^

      I like it! I have always wondered why all the daemons always had to deep strike. Daemons usually stay put for a little while to go wreck havoc and whatnot so for me it made no sense that they Always had to deploy as if they just hit the surface of the planet - I think that this new rule suits the lore better...and it allows for less of my units to die via mishaps ^^

    2. I was actually refering to the "venerable" upgrade, not the dreadnought per si. I still use walkers on 6th, though they don`t perform as greatly as previously, but paying additional 60 points to give them rerolls on their penetration chart is useless, when they can be (and most of times are) killed by glancings...

      Thinking better on this subject of deamons, I see your point. "Lorewise", the new rule makes more sense, indeed.

    3. well for DA at least the upgrade to venerable is only 25p so it's not to shabby. ^^