Saturday, 9 March 2013

fast attack: daemons


So my friends basically just left, we've been playing a 3000p game. Tried out the new daemons rules and it went "meh" - always takes me a few games to remember all the rules and make the appropriate decisions.  Also realized that I need to get me some new troops because groups of 10 were way to small! But mohahaha, even though you can't really hold up terminators in c.c. anymore with plagubearers I had to cause they contested me for an objective and we stood in c.c. for three rounds. I  rolled like a GOD on the instability test and lost 1-2 models per round and finally winning the c.c. with only the herald (1/2 wounds) left standing *daemonic smile*.

Here's the fast attack video I made yesterday:

And here's also the improved picture (aka daylight) of my daemonettes:

I'm actually thinking that I'm not gonna improve the claws because when looking at them today on the battlefield they looked nice so really no need to change :) Also the rest of my army is speed painted so I don't feel the need for them to be any better - it would make the rest of my daemons jealous. ;)


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