Wednesday, 6 March 2013



So, the daemons are out! And here! I have been spending all my spare time on making videos and assembling/painting the models. So now I have assembled (except the second chariot, finishing the one with the flamer first) everything I bought:

As you can see the Hearld Nurgle is well on his way - I have also given some of the Daemonettes their first layer of skin tone and a wash. I'm hoping to have finished at least 5 Deamonettes or the herald today.  Mostly because I want to start on the other models as well and I want them all to be finished so as to make a battle report with them and their new rules! :)

Other than that, if you only come here and not my Youtube channel there are some new videos out now, mostly of me going through the new codex for the daemons. Actually, you know what, I'll just make a new entry for those right after this one. ^^


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