Wednesday, 6 March 2013

How to paint Deathwing

Hello again!

Almost forgot - here's the "how to paint" guide that I did for Deathwing a few days ago:

This is the first painting tutorial I've done for Youtube purposes - originally it was meant to be just for this blog, like the one for stone terrain I did the last time but there were so many pictures that it was easier this way. :)
I'm hopin in the future that I will be able to make recorded guides but at the moment I don't have all the equipment (or the time, way easier to paint every now and then and take a picture) to do so. So this is what you get for now. I hope you like it! :D



  1. Nice tutorial. Do you water down the Sepia for the armour? Mine always seems to come out too thick.

  2. yeah I did - about 50/50 I think :)