Tuesday, 26 March 2013



So first off here's the videolog I did yesterday:

And today I have been painting some:

I'm really liking how they're turning out - specially the bone. Which in itself sucks cause now I have to redo three of the other guys that I did like half a year ago because it doesn't look at all as nice x) 

God I'm in the mood to play Warhammer and my Daemons - sucks that you need a co-player sometimes! Last game was so much fun! As I said in the video it went really great. 
Here's the list I used: 

Daemon Prince with mark of Tzeentch, wings and a lv 2 psyker. (also a greater reward that gave his c.c. attacks instant death and an other one giving the attacks fleshbane/armorbane)
Herald of Nurgle, psyker lv 2 and the locus that gives feel no pain
Herald of Tzeentch, psyker lv 2
Herald of Khorne with a greater reward

10 Daemonettes with unit champion
10 Bloodletters with unit champion, icon
10 Plaguebearers with unit champion, icon
20 Pink Horros with unit champion, icon and instrument

Burning Chariot of Tzeentch 
Pinky with phlegm and daemon of Nurgle

3 Screamers
3 Flamers

In total 1500p

My poor daemon prince, that I thought would devour some of the nasty terminators he lost two wounds to the nephilim hetfighter and was grounded, taking another wound and then was shot and killed. And I was about to charge with him in the next round. Stroke of bad luck...but the the Herald of Nurgle and the Daemonettes stepped up their game and did awesome! The screamers did absolutely nothing, nor the flamers cause they were killed instantly (old habits die hard for my opponent it seemed). 
And so now I wanna go again! With all of my darlin' daemons :) 


Monday, 25 March 2013


Hello :)

So it's monday...awesome! or something like that...
Anyhow I finished of a battle reports and uploaded those before I left town last week and here it is:

part one

part two

I very much enjoyed this game, sure I lost but the it gave me some practice for playing daemons and using all of their new rules and we already know about some of the mistakes we made so that's good progress! Also it made me realize that I'm most likely not gonna be able to field this kind of small troops cause they die too quickly, thus I will most likely need 20 in each unit. Hoping that I'll have some money left at the end of the month so that I can buy some more. Was thinking of buying the old daemonettes from eBay or something cause I think they look way better than the new ones! 

Anyways I'm off to make a video log so I'll post it here tomorrow as well! ^^ Feels good to be a little productive at least! 


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Weekly update

Hello! ^^

I hope you're having a nice day! ^^ Here's my newest vidoelog - it's basically all you need to know - haven't done much more than that :o

(so pleased with this one ^^)


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Exalted flamer

Hiya! :)

First off here's my latest videolog:

And second off - it's almost outdated already! :)
Today I got home from a visit to my family and I went over to the "work bench" and looked at my exlated flamer and for the first time since I got it I felt like this was a good day to paint it. Been thinking about a color scheme and have been leaning towards a darker one seeing as the ordinary flamers in my army are bright and I really don't like that look - also those are amongst the ugliest things I have ever painted! x)
Anyhow I've been having lots of second thoughts about the flamer but I got started and after 35 minutes of painting he was almost done. I've never been that efficient in my life!
This is what he looked like at first:

 I then though for a little while about the flames. My first thought when seeing this models after it was leaked is that it looked really horrible with lots of different colors and so forth. And then I also remember thinking; shouldn't the flames be off the same color as the flamer? It looked so messy - so I decided to to just that:

When finished with the flames I though about the profile of the exalted flamer; it has both pink and blue fire of tzeentch, and since mine were already blue, why not add some pink:

When that was done I was so pleased with the result I had to do the screamer part of the chariot as well! ^^ I wanted them to look as my other screamers do so that was fairly easy.

Tomorrow I'm planning on finishing it off completely, with the last remaining details and the base, on which the flamer stands - haven't spray painted that yet so couldn't start on it today. But I will! And it will be glorious! Hoping to have it finished so that I can use it this weekend in the campaign - hard to play with a model in several pieces. ^^


Monday, 11 March 2013

monday morning...


Yay monday - best day of the week!
Jokes aside, yesterday was a glorious day! I was (am) so tired of hearing my own voice after the review series and seeing as it was sunday and I had nothing planned I let it stay that way. So I turned of my phone and computer  and spent the day painting, playing video games and sleeping. Awesome! ^^
Hence I have now finished of my daemonettes:

and gotten started on some Nurglings:

The herald also received some more layers of paint but its nothing really remarkable - you'll just get to see him when he's all done. :)

Here's also the last video for the daemons codex:

Have a nice monday!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

fast attack: daemons


So my friends basically just left, we've been playing a 3000p game. Tried out the new daemons rules and it went "meh" - always takes me a few games to remember all the rules and make the appropriate decisions.  Also realized that I need to get me some new troops because groups of 10 were way to small! But mohahaha, even though you can't really hold up terminators in c.c. anymore with plagubearers I had to cause they contested me for an objective and we stood in c.c. for three rounds. I  rolled like a GOD on the instability test and lost 1-2 models per round and finally winning the c.c. with only the herald (1/2 wounds) left standing *daemonic smile*.

Here's the fast attack video I made yesterday:

And here's also the improved picture (aka daylight) of my daemonettes:

I'm actually thinking that I'm not gonna improve the claws because when looking at them today on the battlefield they looked nice so really no need to change :) Also the rest of my army is speed painted so I don't feel the need for them to be any better - it would make the rest of my daemons jealous. ;)


Thursday, 7 March 2013

painting daemonettes


So I'm sitting here waiting for my project to finalize so that I can upload it to youtube (always takes for ever so I do it during the night). I'm almost (god so slow) finished with the group of 6 daemonettes I've been working on. Here's a crappy late night picture:

I've been having some issues with the choice of colors. I really dislike daemonettes - and I mean really! I think the models are ugly and the grayish/purple colors that I've so far seen on them makes them look more like disease ridden nurgle units rather than alluring daemons. Hence I decided to go for a more porcelain like color (still with purple though) - i think it turned out quite nicely actually. I am still torn when it comes to the claws though cause I don't want them to look like daemonettes usually do - in a completely different color than the skin - but I still want them to "pop" seeing as they are cool rending claws! Decisions, decisions! ^^

This was my, "trying to stay awake while project finalizes", update and I'll make sure to upload better pictures tomorrow. :)


Moooore daemons :)


So here are the new videos for Codex: Chaos Daemons

I have painted a little bit, but not at all as much as I had hoped - yesterday I had a bad painting day. Ever had one of those? For me it starts out with not feeling satisfied with something, like the blend or a color choice. And then I end up thinking about that too much and not paying attention to all the other things on the model - resulting in lots of sloppy mistakes. Usually by then I just give up on painting and leave it for a better day - like today :D The sun is shining here today so I actually have some decent lighting even in the afternoon :)
Also I have to make a new video and start building a list for this weekend! I'm gonna team up with CSMs and together we're gonna crush the imperium (imperial guard and dark angels) in the campaign! 3000p in total so 1500 each. And I son't even know what all the units do anymore x) So much fun stuff but so little time - story of my life! x)


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

How to paint Deathwing

Hello again!

Almost forgot - here's the "how to paint" guide that I did for Deathwing a few days ago:

This is the first painting tutorial I've done for Youtube purposes - originally it was meant to be just for this blog, like the one for stone terrain I did the last time but there were so many pictures that it was easier this way. :)
I'm hopin in the future that I will be able to make recorded guides but at the moment I don't have all the equipment (or the time, way easier to paint every now and then and take a picture) to do so. So this is what you get for now. I hope you like it! :D


Codex reviews, so far...

Here are the reviews I've done for the Chaos Daemons codex so far:


Greater Daemons

Psychic powers & Warlord Traits

Army Rules

I promise I'll be better at updating this blog . Expect lots of painting updates in the near future :D




So, the daemons are out! And here! I have been spending all my spare time on making videos and assembling/painting the models. So now I have assembled (except the second chariot, finishing the one with the flamer first) everything I bought:

As you can see the Hearld Nurgle is well on his way - I have also given some of the Daemonettes their first layer of skin tone and a wash. I'm hoping to have finished at least 5 Deamonettes or the herald today.  Mostly because I want to start on the other models as well and I want them all to be finished so as to make a battle report with them and their new rules! :)

Other than that, if you only come here and not my Youtube channel there are some new videos out now, mostly of me going through the new codex for the daemons. Actually, you know what, I'll just make a new entry for those right after this one. ^^


Friday, 1 March 2013

Ravenwing Tactics


Posted it on youtube but never here, so without further delay:

As always: love pointers :)