Monday, 11 March 2013

monday morning...


Yay monday - best day of the week!
Jokes aside, yesterday was a glorious day! I was (am) so tired of hearing my own voice after the review series and seeing as it was sunday and I had nothing planned I let it stay that way. So I turned of my phone and computer  and spent the day painting, playing video games and sleeping. Awesome! ^^
Hence I have now finished of my daemonettes:

and gotten started on some Nurglings:

The herald also received some more layers of paint but its nothing really remarkable - you'll just get to see him when he's all done. :)

Here's also the last video for the daemons codex:

Have a nice monday!


  1. Very nicely done... your deathwing should enjoy killing them

    1. thanks! Yeah I'm sure they will - they keep doing it anyway and with no flamers to take them down it's gonna be more of a challenge now x)

  2. your daemonettes have the same color scheme as my fiends! It just feels right for slaaneesh to me.