Thursday, 7 March 2013

Moooore daemons :)


So here are the new videos for Codex: Chaos Daemons

I have painted a little bit, but not at all as much as I had hoped - yesterday I had a bad painting day. Ever had one of those? For me it starts out with not feeling satisfied with something, like the blend or a color choice. And then I end up thinking about that too much and not paying attention to all the other things on the model - resulting in lots of sloppy mistakes. Usually by then I just give up on painting and leave it for a better day - like today :D The sun is shining here today so I actually have some decent lighting even in the afternoon :)
Also I have to make a new video and start building a list for this weekend! I'm gonna team up with CSMs and together we're gonna crush the imperium (imperial guard and dark angels) in the campaign! 3000p in total so 1500 each. And I son't even know what all the units do anymore x) So much fun stuff but so little time - story of my life! x)


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