Monday, 25 March 2013


Hello :)

So it's monday...awesome! or something like that...
Anyhow I finished of a battle reports and uploaded those before I left town last week and here it is:

part one

part two

I very much enjoyed this game, sure I lost but the it gave me some practice for playing daemons and using all of their new rules and we already know about some of the mistakes we made so that's good progress! Also it made me realize that I'm most likely not gonna be able to field this kind of small troops cause they die too quickly, thus I will most likely need 20 in each unit. Hoping that I'll have some money left at the end of the month so that I can buy some more. Was thinking of buying the old daemonettes from eBay or something cause I think they look way better than the new ones! 

Anyways I'm off to make a video log so I'll post it here tomorrow as well! ^^ Feels good to be a little productive at least! 



  1. Great battle report, as always. Looking forward to the next one

  2. Blast can kill models out of sight when scattering if you check page 33. Good start there on the rough riders but the guards can pour out soo much firepower.

  3. Nice batrep. I would recomend for 1000p that you dont mix too many units. 3 flamers and 3 screamers isnt doing too much. The chariot is basicaly a glass cannon so unless you get it into CC its not doing its job, use cover to your advantage.

    Another tip is to use the terrain to your advantage when deploying since you started. Deployment can sometimes decide the outcome.

    Good luck in the future and keep those batreps coming. I can recomend miniwargaming batreps and the bluetablepainting battle reports. Lots of knowledge to pick up.