Thursday, 14 March 2013

Exalted flamer

Hiya! :)

First off here's my latest videolog:

And second off - it's almost outdated already! :)
Today I got home from a visit to my family and I went over to the "work bench" and looked at my exlated flamer and for the first time since I got it I felt like this was a good day to paint it. Been thinking about a color scheme and have been leaning towards a darker one seeing as the ordinary flamers in my army are bright and I really don't like that look - also those are amongst the ugliest things I have ever painted! x)
Anyhow I've been having lots of second thoughts about the flamer but I got started and after 35 minutes of painting he was almost done. I've never been that efficient in my life!
This is what he looked like at first:

 I then though for a little while about the flames. My first thought when seeing this models after it was leaked is that it looked really horrible with lots of different colors and so forth. And then I also remember thinking; shouldn't the flames be off the same color as the flamer? It looked so messy - so I decided to to just that:

When finished with the flames I though about the profile of the exalted flamer; it has both pink and blue fire of tzeentch, and since mine were already blue, why not add some pink:

When that was done I was so pleased with the result I had to do the screamer part of the chariot as well! ^^ I wanted them to look as my other screamers do so that was fairly easy.

Tomorrow I'm planning on finishing it off completely, with the last remaining details and the base, on which the flamer stands - haven't spray painted that yet so couldn't start on it today. But I will! And it will be glorious! Hoping to have it finished so that I can use it this weekend in the campaign - hard to play with a model in several pieces. ^^


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