Tuesday, 23 April 2013

How to paint a Broadside

Hello peeps

Here's the How to paint guide for the Broadside. Granted I have already posted it on youtube a few days earlier but anyways:

I know I have been absent - have had a few things that needed taking care of and so hobbying was left on the shelf for a few days. But hopefully all done now!
Yesterday I played a really quick game against Tau. I say quick cause it was over sooo fast. My daemons were sent back into the warp faster than I could say: Blood for the blood god. Worst ever xD But it was a stoke of luck for the Tau player and some bad luck on my part so I can't say for sure that I hate Tau just yet ^^Need a rematch. And I also need for him to finish painting them soon so that I can show you when I WIN (ah yes, sweet revenge I shall have!)
I decided to go with 2 groups of plaguebearers (10), 10 bloodletters, 10 daemonettes, 20 pink horrors, 3 screamers, Pinky (soul grinder), 1 herald of nurgle and 1 herald of slaanesh. Basically I just wanted to field all my troops xD It was an awesome feeling with all those daemons on 1000p, even if I did loose ^^

I hope you all have been getting some more hobby time in than I have! =)



  1. You seem to be taking more and more breaks. That's not exactly a good sign. Sounds like you've been busy though.

    I played a quick game recently. It was a meeting engagement type game and it ended in a couple turns. It was ugly and it didn't help i set up everything before he set up anything, we set up 12 inches from each other and he still stole the first turn due to a 1/6 of a chance die roll. Maybe i should've backed up a bit more. Sadly it was just a really lame mission type and i didn't have much of a chance because of it.

    I'm thinking of doing dark eldar next. I usually do horde armies and i think something elite and fragile is awesome. I mean dark eldar are sleek and very stylish. They're like techno, rave party, BDSM, raider, pirates and it's awesome. They also have this awesome campy comic book villain appeal to them and i love that. They look like they're from TRON or something. I mean who doesn't like hover bikes and hover boards? Guess i'll just have to lord over your daemons with my fancy floating xeno tech. What are your bloodletters gonna do wave their swords at me? I considers that a challenge ;).

    1. Challenge accepted! Need to find an open warp portal and seek you out!
      I very much agree with you on their looks- I love the TRON like painting scheme - always have! I really wanna try out Dark Eldar so I think that when I'm fed up with daemons and DA they (or necrons) will be next ^^ Unless the new eldar looks bloody awesome xD So may armies - so litle time ;)

      The breaks, well, they happen sometime. I have no plans whatsovever to quit the hobby though! =)

  2. After a 10 year gap in the hobby, the Tau have maybe got me back in the hobby? :-) Keep up the good work madam! :-)

    1. just maybe? Pick up one of those gorgeous Broadsides or a Riptide and you'll soon take the maybe part out of that sentence ;)

  3. I've very little time to play at the moment too as I'm working away from home. Satisfying my nerdy carvings by touching up my old Tau models and surfing blogs. Like this one :)

    1. Well good that you can at least paint some =)