Friday, 5 April 2013

Tau time!

Morning! :)

Soon time for me to go down to the "local" GW store and pick up my copy of the Tau codex. :D

Oh, it's gonna be so much fun. This will be like when I did the one for Dark Angels - aka. I have no idea whatsoever what it'll be like. Exciting! ^^
Gonna get the old codex from a friend today too so that I have a comparison of what it was like before. Lots of reading today in other words. :) Aiming to do a "what has changed" video later tonight :)

Also gonna make sure to pick up some new glues and paints and stuff. I hate when I run out because I don't visit the store very often!



  1. You should order a Tau army. :)

  2. I'm unsure what to think about the new tau. I have never really been into tau as for a flexible fast moving army the crisis suits seem awkward like a duck or a fat toddler would.

    I like the new pathfinder set but it's mostly the old one in plastic, much cheaper and with more weapon options.

    The xv-88's railgun option is kind of cool but the rocket pod variant looks weird.

    The new xv-104 definitely has size and looks like a gundam or something. I still expect more and less of a tiny head.

    The lack of new auxiliary choices saddens me greatly. I wanted to see some new more deadly vespid variant, a new alien species to augment the tau or new kroot units. Instead they don't show one of the points of the tau which was to unify all other races if they could.

    I'm unsure what to think of the new fighter/bomber kit. It looks a bit awkward to me but some of it does have that fishy look to it like a sting ray of sorts.

    The new crisis suits seem cheaper but all in one pack i think.

    Once again not really into tau and never have been. I do enjoy how before and possibly now pretty much everything tau had was at least strength 5. That's just insane no matter how you look at it. Seems like in general they don't have a problem wounding anything at least. Wish i could say the same for some other armies. Dark eldar with mostly poisoned weapons is a funny thing though.