Wednesday, 3 April 2013

more painting...


Here's a quick painting update:

Have kept on painting today. Got really motivated with the painting goals and everything so now I have started on the Undead Blood Bowl team - this it an almost finished zombie. I have done 4 of them now. Only thing I have left is the hair and I can't figure out  good way to do it so I'll just leave it for now. I do that every now and then, if I can't figure a detail out I leave it and come back to it later on.

Thinking of painting some more now but this time the Pink Horrors, they are so close to done, don't  know why I just stopped. :/

Anyways, have a nice evening :)



  1. Hey i've seen some of your painting and i can't help but notice something. You do seem to have skills but something you seem to be lacking is more color but more specifically different types of color.

    Maybe it's just me but i feel like there's just something missing with your painting like some models need a little bit of extra detail or something. Perhaps daemons and the armies you choose just aren't my style and don't allow for the widest range of colors.

    If you need any ideas for lizardmen or similar you might want to look on google images for rainforest, tree or swamp frogs for things like slann. With salamanders you would look for salamanders obviously. This can be applied to daemons, vampires, zombies and such as well. When i painted ghouls i went for different bright colors for most of them to give them the look of imps. Also it's a good idea to ask experienced painters what they do for things so maybe you could learn off each other. My final advice would be if nothing else to read the fluff of the codex/army book for ideas on what the models look like as according to the book. Chameleon skinks for instance probably blend in to their surroundings and look obviously like chameleons. This means adding rocks to chameleon or trees to chameleon skink bases and making them look like said objects would be a cool idea.

    As far as the zombie goes i figure give him a look of grayish hair or make him look like the 'crypt keeper' from 'tales of the crypt'.

    Anyway these are my opinions on your painting. Somehow i felt like i needed to say it since i remember at a point you mentioned you weren't seeing as much improvement in painting skill lately. I don't think it's entirely skill so much as needing more and different kinds of paint. I hope not to offend since you mentioned you wanted advice so i feel it's constructive criticism. I'm not that good a painter myself but i notice paint schemes i like and those i don't. Maybe it's personal taste but take of that what you will.

    Sorry for the wall of text as i tend to rant.

    1. Thanks for the input. ^^ I do want pointers - how else would I ever improve my painting? :)
      As for daemons - they do lack those eye popping details but that's because i chose to speed paint them :) Do you feel the same about the DA (if you've seen them)? Because those I spent a considerably longer time on.
      It might be the bases that they're on, like you were saying with the lizardmen inspo. The ones I do are fairly simple and perhaps to some extent boring?

      For the zombie: yeah grey hair sounds nice - I'll give it a go :)

  2. Alright i saw the dark angels and yes they are infinitely better. Must've been that daemons are just harder to make look nice due to lack of something. Perhaps if it looked more fleshy on a soul grinder's fleshy muscled bits or if a plaguebearer's guts looked kind of gooey and gross.

    Maybe if you painted an army/faction that has more painting potential like eldar or dark eldar? Not a good painter here myself but if i did dark eldar i'd go for a techno/rave party/raider or pirate vibe with possibly dyed hair and lots of flashy almost glow-in-the-dark highlights for the armor.

    Perhaps i just wish the paints had more contrast but fit together well like red with black or similar.

    I'd say of what i've seen you paint the dark angels seem like the best by quite a bit. There's definitely a lot more detail. There could be some improvements but with time i'm sure.

    Perhaps with lizardmen you could get that fishy greenish scaly look.

    I guess everybody has cool ideas from time to time. A roommate once wanted to have his skeletons with red glowing eyes. I feel like that effect could've been achieved with red sprinkles or similar but as far as painting went some friends tried saying it was far too hard to do.