Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Dark Angels Codex: Elites


Now I'm all back to normal - feels nice. I hate being sick when it means I can't do Anything at all except for eating ice cream and lying in bed for several days. :(
But that's all gone - yay! ^^ So now that I can talk again - here's the Elite entires from the Dark Angels Codex:

Tomorrow I'll most likely meet up with Colonel Krieg (yes, this is now the name for the Imperial Guard player, kudos to Tattoolov3r ^^). I made him sick as well (Papa Nurgle must love me! ) but now he's also better and up for a game.

Tomorrow I have also planned for lots of painting (I tried to paint this weekend but it was to hard cause I kept sneezing all the time, making it hard to keep the brush in check xD) and the Fast Attack section the codex :)

Have a nice evening!



  1. The wings in the painting behind you syncs very well with how you are sitting in front of the camera making your head look dark angely =)In GWs last faq for DA it looks like the land raider option is now optional, not mandatory. Nice to hear that you are on your feet again but i can think of worse things then laying in bed and eating ice cream =P

    1. I'm just that good! Now my only problem is finding a pairing that makes me look daemonic for when I talk about Chaos ;)
      Yeah, I read it as it's mandatory to upgrade it ti Deathwing Veichle if you wanna put terminators in them but the vehicles themselves can choose to upgrade regardless of their cargo.