Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Necrons vs. Dark Angels battle report

Hello :)

So the second battle of the day (saturday that is) was a game of Planetstrike! 

As for armies:

Dark Angels:

1 Librarian
1 Tactical Squad of 5 with 1 plasma cannon
1 Tactical Squad of 5 with 1 plasma gun and 1 vet.serg with chainsword
5 Deathwing Knights
1 Whirlwind
1 Nephilim Jetfighter
1 Venerable Dreadnought with t.l lascannon and heavy flamer


1 Triarch Stalker
1 Annihilation Barge
10 Immortals with gauss blasters
10 Immortals with tesla carbines
10 Necron Warriors
1 Anrakyr the Traveler 
1 Necron Overlord

Necrons assaulted Dark Angels so he got to deploy the terrain and decide from where all the non-deepstriking stuff would enter.  He choose the far end - further for the Necrons to walk. Here's the initial deployment - right before the "firestorm" took place -the Necrons made a total of 9 firestorm bombings but only two casualties occurred - two space marines.  Lots of scatters and lots of saves! :) 

Round 1

After the deployment  and the bombardment the game began and Necrons took first turn - deep striking all but the Annihilation Barge and the Triarch Stalker.  The deep stike was successful, except for one mishap returning the warriors to reserves.  

After that they just moved forwards, no shooting, seeing as they wanted to get a little bit closer and ran. 
The Dark Angels players then deepstuck the death wing knights and in the shooting phase nothing really happened cause all wounds were saved. 

Round 2

The second turn the Necron player forgot to move her things - she got so exited when her warriors made a perfect hit right next the Dreadnought she fired straight away at the Dreadnought, no wounds. Also one Deathwing Knight was shot dead.
The Dreadnought then turned around and used it's heavy flamer and toghether with the Nephilim Jetfighter that entered from reserves, killed of the entire squad of warriors. The Tactical Squads tried to hit some Immortals as well but they kept rising and none were killed. 
The Deathwing knight moved back towards the original deployment zone for the Dark Angels seeing as they deepstruck a little far off. 

Round  3

The Necrons made some nice shooting in their turn, killing of  all but one space marine and the librarian in the bastion as well as taking one hull point of the Dreadnought with a glancing hit. The two groups of immortals moved toward the bastion.
The dark Angels then retaliated - but almost all of the Necrons rose again. The remaining space marine and librarian moved from the bastion toward the other building to stay out of l.o.s.The Nephilim Jetfighter came back in but failed all it's shooting attacks. The Dreadnought shot and immobilized the Triarch Stalker and the knights moved up to try and make an ambush on the Immortals by the bastion.

Round 4

Here we're gonna have a nice round up: four three more rounds - up til 7, the Necrons kept rising, the Dark Angels kept saving and it was a status-quo so to speak. In the 7th round the Necrons moved up to contest the mansion as well as the other grey scrap building whilst keeping close to the bastion . The Necrons were then out of luck and killed off one by one during the Dark Angels last shooting and close combat  phase so the immortals were in the end to far from the mansion as well as the scrap building. The Dark Angels thus won with 2 to 1.

Honestly,  wasn't the most exciting game of my life due to the status quo, but with that said I'm still amazed(!) by the amounts of saves made by the Dark Angels , the reanimation for the Necrons, as well as some really unfortunate shooting - the Whirlwind did almost nothing to thin the ranks of the Necrons.
The Dreadnought  - now named Kalle - was the star of the battlefield! He killed of Immortals, Warriors, the Annihilation Barge, immobilized the Triarch Stalker and was still alive at round 7.

Hope you liked it! 
And have a nice day/night! 


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