Monday, 25 February 2013

Long time ago...


It feels like I haven't given you an update in ages! :o

Here's a videolog about the new Daemons release:

Other than that (for the campaign) - I was so certain that I'd written that: after that battle between the Necrons and Dark Angels we played two more sets of games the day after. But I didn't! Must have erased it somehow...
Nonetheless - for those two battle I did not take any pictures cause I was busy running through a couple of practice games with the Necron player. But the first game was Chaos Space Marines against Dark Angels - that was assulted via Deepstrike and in the end the DA player won and thus not loosing any flags.
After that it was the DA players turn and he chose to assult the Tyranids, that had just placed their flags, and made a striking victory, taking over a tile.

Overall in the campaing the Imperial players - aka the Crusade of Fire - are the only ones that have taken over tiles. We're still missing the Space Wolves player and both he, the tyranid player and I have yet to challenge other players. I'm thinking of trying to take back my Hive City though that will most likely happen after the new codex has been released.  :)

With that I wish you a good evening :)



  1. More chariots eh? =P Hope they will perform better for you in the future.

    1. yeah ^^ Both the Tzeentch ones looks as if they actually do have some sort of fire power though! :) way better than just standing put whilst immobilized! ^^