Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Paint, paint, paint...


So today it looks like I (almost) have the day off, just a couple of things need to be done - wohoo! ^^ This means I have some time to spend on painting, which is utterly needed at the moment! Sometimes I wish I could get paid to paint my own models ;)

So far we're three that can make it this  weekend to start of the campaign, two were unsure and the other two I haven't heard from yet. Not all of them have to make it, seeing as we have only two battle boards anyways, but the more the merrier ;)
Regardless I have to start assembling some bikes for the DA as well as putting at least a metal coat on some necron warriors so they don't look so boring and grey.

I'll post some pictures later of my progress ^^



  1. Looking forward to seeing the painting progress.

  2. A black basecoat and metal wetbrush and you have a good headstart on the necrons. Gonna use the bikes as troops or?

    1. yeah that was the plan, though now it seems the DA player doesn't find the bikes all to appealing so he's not gonna have those just yet. :)