Sunday, 3 February 2013

Quick weekend round-up

Hello :)

I'm starting to feel a lot better! Ha! ^^

Some friends we're over last night (they actually dared) and we played some Warhammer (1250p each)
My first game was against the Imperial Guard (we rolled for it) - I lost. It was actualy over in 20 minutes after we had deployed, my quickest game of Warhammer ever played!

Here's a quick picture of the first deployment - I didn't take any more pictures after that - way to concentrated at rolling bad dice.
By turn 4 the Imperial Guard player had not suffered a single wound and had killed my Screamers, my Flamers, my Bloodletters and my Nurglings. The Soul Grinder stood heroically in the midst of all the fire power as the sole survivor turn 4 and took only 1 hull point. (And that's were my bad luck changed for the remainder of the night) then my Daemon Prince, my two groups of Pink Horrors and Kairos came in.The game ended after turn 5 though had it gone on for another 2 we figured it would most likely had been a draw since all my nasty stuff came in at the end. :( I'm not gonna lie, I was quite moody after that poor display of daemonic power but they got a second try in a game against Chaos Space Marines where they performed brilliantly! ^^
The game against Chaos Space Marines lasted for about 2 hours, a total of 7 rounds were the last two were really exciting since it was all about the objectives and even though I had dominated the entire game there we're few of my troops left standing and some of the CSMs, that Kairos chased like a mad person for 3 rounds. In the end I won but it was very even game. I like that about 6th edition, even when you have suffered major casualties you can win the game since so many scenarios are about holding objectives and scoring so that one actually can turn it around. Makes for funnier games and less sulky opponents ^^

We played on two tables last night - trying to see it we could fit two battle boards into the apartment:

It worked just fine and that's great! Since we'll probably be more than 2 players at a time whilst doing the campaign we needed more than one table or playing games will take all day. The big black one we used before I bought the "real" battle board, still works ^^

Today I'm hoping to record a battle report though I'm not 100% it will happen - the Imperial Guard player cursed me earlier saying that he's not feeling all to well today. I did warn them... O.o

Have a nice day!


  1. Yes after a longer streak of bad rolling it´s easy to get moody for sure. I try and not let it get to my temper and be a sport and realise it´s just a game and have fun. I´m getting alot better at it. The Imperial guard player sounds so bland, I now name him Colonel Krieg for future referance =)
    The Emperor protects

  2. I meant you refering to him as the imperial guard player not him as a person, and it was meant as a suggestion. It´s your blog and you decide here ofc. Sometimes I don´t find the right words...Hope I didn´t offend anyone

    1. Haha, nah I'm not offended ^^ I think it's a nice idea and Colonel Krieg found it utterly amusing so now I will refer to him as such :D