Saturday, 5 January 2013

Chaos Daemons vs. Necrons


Today I finally finished and uploaded my battle report! It's a 500p game between Necrons and Chaos Daemons. It's divided into two parts:

This was my first time ever recording and editing a video and keeping that in mind I'm quite pleased. However I know the audio and video quality was sort of lacking and so for the next battle report I'll make sure to get a better camera :)
Hope you find it enjoyable anyways! ^^



  1. 500 points is not a good game to get a feel for the strengths of your army. Try getting a bit of a bigger game in when you can, though I see you're kinda fickle and going into DA as well now? Heh

    Anyways, Daemons strengths over Necrons is assault (lots of it) and their unique way to deploy. Get more games in, play more, and in turn understand your army more, best advice I can give. I'm on the 40kforums IRC or here - this chatroom if you need help and just want a place to hang and learn. I think it's better to have a active conversation with someone rather than post and wait days on end for a response.

    Hope its enjoyable in the long run either way.

  2. mm, very true, hard to get a good balance with just 500p. I have about 1500p though so I'll try to find an opponent sometime soon ^^
    Yeah, the DAs looked a little to good to resist so I'll start up an army of those as well ;)

    Thanks, I might hold you to that ^^