Saturday, 12 January 2013

Daemons vs. puny humans

The puny humans defeated me though...they had help from the Dark Angels.

Last night some friends came over and we played a "beginners game". Earlier I've mentioned that we're gonna have a campaign, Crusade of Fire, but the guy who's gonna play Dark Angels have never played Warhammer 40K (quick learner though!) so he borrowed my Dark Angels and gave them a trial run to get the idea of his upcoming army :)
It went a little to well! Though I had really unlucky rolls with my deepstrike! First the Plaugebearers came down and mishapped so my opponents (2v1) placed them at the far edge of the battleboard and since we played the entire game on the other side they never got to see any action (so slow...). My Daemon Prince also mishaped and got to go back to reserves. He came in round 3 and tried to save the game but it was to late. I had just lost my entire group of Pink Horrors and all my Bloodletters to some lucky rounds from the Space Marines.
And Kairos...oh Kairos...he mishaped and went back to reserves and on the 3rd turn, when he was supposed to atleast have come down with the Daemon Prince I got a 1...luck! Whoo!
By then the game was already over, I had hopes to put Kairos in the midst of it all and make my darling Bloodletters and Pink Horrors save ALL thier wounds - but no :(

Regardless it was a fun game and I had the upper hand until end of game turn 2. Then I died!

 (my sole though the remainder of the game ^^)

I didn't make a Battlereport since it was ment to be a longer, learn the rules, 1500p game. Next time though!


  1. i'm sorry tzheench didn't look on you favorably this day (horray for the emperor's first legion!)

    when fateweaver went back into ongoing reserves after mishapping, he would have come back at the beginning of your next turn and you would not have had to roll to bring him in. (pg 36 and 125 of the brb for reference)

  2. Yes, there was loads of cheering in my kitchen ^^ Nobody seems to like my daemons! (can't possibly uderstand why)

    Hey, I learn something new every day! Thanks! ^^

  3. reserves and deepstrike can really screw up your plan. I usually dont bother with deepstriking my terminators.

  4. mm, I wish I had the choice not to sometimes, specially when playing on a terrain-heavy board xD