Monday, 28 January 2013

Weekend round up


So this weekend had also been quite nice! :)

Started of, spent the entire, and ended the saturday by playing Magic: the gathering - since it was the prerelease for Gatecrash ^^.
To make up for not doing anything Warhammer related some friends came over sunday evening and we played a 2v2 game of 1500p.

I played Dark Angels and was allied with Space Wolves and our opponents were Chaos Space Marines and Tyranids. Warlords were Sammael and a Sorcerer from the Chaos Space Marines.
The mission was Purge the Alien.

I had all the Dark Vengance models + Sammael.
The Space Wolves player had 3 Grey Hunters units, 1 Rune Priest, 1 Dreadnought in a Drop Pod and 1 Long Fangs pack in a Rhino.
The Chaos Player had 1 Heldrake, 1 Sorcerer, 1 group of 20 Chaos Space Marines with mark of Khorne and an icon giving them furious charge.
The Tyranid player had one Hive Tyrant, a group of 5 Tyranid Warriors, 1 Zoantrophe,  2 Tyranid Hive Guards and a group of 5 Tyranid Raveners. (we bent the rules a bit and said it was okay with 1 HQ and two troop choices all together).
I won't go into detail of the weapons since I don't know exactly how all the models were equipped.

My team started out the deployment and also took first turn. We spread out over two tiles of the board and our opponents basically stayed on one tile in a corner. We tried to shoot as many of the CSMs we could but ended up killing only one. My Space Marines tried to move up a floor in a building but failed the range in their difficult terrain roll and were stranded behind a wall with nothing to shoot at. The Dreadnought dropped without mishap in their deployment zone and took a nice shooting run at the Hive Guards, inflicting one wound.
Now it was time for the other guys, first off the chaos player had  rolled for the warlord trait that allows for a D3 of his units to have the infiltrate special rule. That made the CSMs deploy rather close to us. All the Tyranids had more or less deployed behind that group. With all the shooting the Dreadnought exploded, 3 Grey Hunters and one Bike died (naturally the one with the plasma gun). No assault.

On to turn 2 and my Deathwing Terminators were beamed down next to the bikes to avoid scattering since we had quite a lot of terrain and all the opponents were bundled up. My Space Marines finally made their difficult terrain test and got to move up a floor to have some nice place to shoot from without moving the plasma cannon.
We shot some more and killed 6 CSM and inflicted one wound on the Zoantrophe. No assults.
In their shooting phase they killed two more Grey Hunters. The Rhino also took one penetrating wound and was immobilized with snapfire for one turn. No assault.

And this is what it looked like
In their turn the Heldrake flew in and incinerated 5 Grey Hunters, the Raveners deepstruk next to Sammael and his bikes, Sammael took 1 wound from a shooting attack and the Zoanthrope suffered it's final wound due to perils of the warp. The Terminators were blinded, reducing their WS to 1. Then the CSMs charged into the Terminators, 1 challenge was issued and the Terminator Sergeant was killed - the rest of the CSMs then hit for a total of 45 attacks (later we found that it should only have been 36 but they would still have died since the Sorcerer cast a Slaanesh psychic power giving the entire unit a +1S so he wounded on 2+) and the terminators were wiped out. The Sorcerer, happy to win his challenge, rolled on the chaos boon table and was gloriously turned into a Chaos Spawn (the nurgling base in the photos to come).

After that it was time for turn 3. In the shooting phase 5 more CSMs were shot dead as well as two Raveners. No assaults.

Tyranids and CSM killed of two DA Space Marines, 3 Grey Hunters and 2 Bikes. The Raveners then charged the DA Space Marines and the vet. sergeant shot himself in the face and died during overwatch. In the close combat the DA lost 4 guys and inflicted 2 wounds on the Raveners.

Turn 4 one Tyranid Warrior was shot to pieces and the three guys in the CSM group leaving only the Sorcerer and 1 random marine. Sammael charged into the Ravenger and didn't inflict a single wound, however the DA inflicted 1 wound and lost 1 guy.
Then the Heldrake went into hoover mode incinerated 4 Grey Hunter and another 5 Grey Hunters were killed as well as the Rune Priest and his last companion. The Chaos Spawn ran as far away as possible. In close combat the Ravangers lost the combat and fled, only to be hunted down and destroyed.

Turn 5 Sammael moved and shot on wound on the chaos spawn and killed the last space marine, the remaining DA Space Marines ran back up into the house,1 Tyranid Warrior was killed and the Heldrake lost a hp. The last Grey Hunters assaulted the Tyranid Warriors, killed one and then died.
The Tyranids/Chaos Space Marine commenced the killing, blew up the Rhino and one of the four Long Fangs that jumped out of it as well as Sammael.

Turn 6 the Heldrake was shot and exploded.
The Tyranids then killed 1 more of the Long Fangs.

Turn 7 my side did nothing and the Tyranids blew up the last 2 Long Fangs and killed 2/3 DA space marines and the last guy was really scared and started running away, counting as a casualty when the game ended.

Tyranids/Chaos Space Marines won with 14 to 5 victory points!

All in all it was a quite even game. The Heldrake made some nice template shots and the opponents definitely had an upper hand when it came to amount of units and victory points they could score though none of us made any really tactical error and in turn 4 it looked like we actually had a shot at winning.
Nevertheless I have never rolled worse in my entire life. 60% of all my dice rolls were 1s and 2s (nope, I'm, not exaggerating, the last 4 turns everybody bursted out laughing whenever I rolled cause it was either a score of perfect hits but no wounds or no hits at all and definetely no saves - most have been some sort of world record and I'm sort of sad I didn't record it xD) ... insane! O.o Our most likely theory was that the Chaos Gods were angry with me for not playing Chaos Daemons and did something tricky whenever I rolled. ^^

Regardless it was a fun evening! :)

Hopefully I'll also have time to make the other part of the HQ review of the Dark Angels Codex today so stay tuned ;)

Cheers ^^



  1. Sounds like a fun game, get your pals to paint their models and it would look awesome on that board. As you all know, painted models perform better =)

    1. Yarr, I try ^^ Though the Chaos Models are actually mine so I'm the one to blame for those. I will get to those eventually - after I get tired of painting my DA :)