Thursday, 3 January 2013

Evening activities


Thought I'd share with you what I have been spending time on this evening, apart from editing the battle report that hopefully will be finished by tomorrow :) 

Originally I was planning on much needed paint-progress for my Soul Grinder but my paints disagreed and what was left of the Leadbelcher was way less then I remembered. This combined that the little that was left had turned into a silvery goo made me look for something else to do. And here it is: 

The cutting and cleaning of the Planetary Empire tiles. The tiles themselves are Easy but all the tiny flags. God, such annoying work! But now it's done! Feels nice :) 
Me and a couple of friends are gonna get together sometime during January (according to plan at least ;)) and start a campaign: Crusade of Fire. 

For the campaign you need these maps: 

We now have enough to build almost all of the planets except for about 3. Technically we would need one more box of Planetary Empires but we're thinking we might make due with the ones we have for starters :)
Regardless it's gonna be super fun! I'm gonna play my Chaos Daemons and I know for a fact that there will be 1 army of Imperial Guard (Deathkorpse of Krieg), 1 Necron army, 1 Chaos Space Marine army and 1 Tau army. There will be at least two more players but they haven't quite decided which armies to play just yet but it's probably gonna be Space Wolves and Tyranids. 
Can't wait to get started! ^^

Have a nice evening

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