Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Soul Grinder

So daylight turned into snowstorm but at least it's bright enough to take pictures :)
Here is my Soul Grinder:

I  really like the way it turned out :D

For now I have painted all of my minis, except for one, in the Chaos Daemon army. I will take a break from them for a little while now in order to paint the Dark Angels and also loads of terrain! :)
Though I will give all Daemon fans a sneak peak of the model that is to come:

Guess which :)



  1. Is that the Greater Daemon of Nurgle???!! I was going to tell you that you should get that model if it is. I really like how the pink contrasts with the metal legs on the Soul Grinder. :)

  2. Replies
    1. it looks like it's on a flying base... forgeworld blight drone?

    2. It's the Nurgle Plauge Hulk :D

  3. The Soulgrinder looks good, but too clean. Must be drenched in the blood of innocents! (Ok, not really, but some blood in that chomping claw would do it well)

    Good work otherwise, I'm also planning on updating my Biker army with Ravenwing stuffs

  4. thank you - I don't know about the blood...if I did a Khorne Soulgrinder than yes, loads of blood and gore but for this I think clean suits it better :)