Thursday, 17 January 2013

Time to play!

Now I'm gonna try out some of my Dark Angels :)
Today I'm facing some Imperial Guard - namely Death Korps of Krieg. These models are amazing so I thought I'd show you some of the models! (they aren't mine)

I'll post the battle report tomorrow. Wish me luck ^^



  1. Good luck! I hope you won. Those are some amazing models. Very good painting. Is that your statue behind them?

  2. Good luck! The lion shall be on your side!

  3. The IGs looks great =) always more fun to play against an armys that looks good on the table and a good looking table adds to it

  4. Yes it's definitely more fun to play against a fully painted army - specially is they look as good as that ^^

    I lost big time (spoilers)! xD And yes it is my statue - doesn't it look brilliant! ;)