Saturday, 19 January 2013

Dark Angels vs. Imperial Guard battle report

Good morning

Here's a freshly baked Battle report for you and your morning coffee :)

Part 1

Part 2

First time I played a real game with Dark Angels so feel free to give me pointers :)

Now I'm gonna make a 500p Chaos Daemons list! Today a friend of mine is coming over and me and some other dudes are gonna teach her how to play 40K and Necrons. We thought it might be easier to play a couple of battles against different armies so it will be my Chaos Daemons, Imperial Guard and Tau.



  1. dark angels lost! boo!
    it was a good battle and you ran up against some hot dice!

    i noticed a few things you missed, the ravenwing bikers could have made scout move (but not sure if you did this intentionally) and the bikes forgot their hammer of wrath attacks as well.

  2. What did I say about deepstriking =P,don´t give up on it though just be prepared that plans can change really fast. 4 wounds on overwatch on the bikes sounds alot, did you remember that overwatch only hits on sixes? otherwise his dice was on fire or he had a flamer or something in that squad. I like that you passed the camera to eachother, it reminds me of the battlereps i like to watch on

  3. Yeah it sucks! I should win all the time! ^^

    I skipped out on the scout rule cause I didn't think moving them would do all that mush but I definitely forgot about the hammer of wrath (thanks!). Yeah it was a flamer in that squad - 3 hits in total I think.

    1. you could have used the scout move to move a bit to the flank then use their teleport homer to bring in the terminators on the beacon to get in a good position to use their assault cannons and storm bolters towreak havoc on the flak armor

    2. Yes I could have - had I remember the teleport ^^ It's a great tip though and I'm gonna write it down so I can defeat the guardsmen next time :)