Wednesday, 16 January 2013


So I have now finished two terrain pieces, assembled 1 Deathwing Command Squad, one group of Deathwing Knights and 1 Nephilim Jetfighter.

Thought I'd make a quick picture series of how I painted the terrain. I use both old and new colors from GWs line.

Assembly - loads of mold lines and not a very good fit! O.o

First a coat of Chardonite Grey and then
a heavy drybrush of Baneblade Brown

Washing with loads of Agrax Earthshade
Lighter drybrush of Baneblade Brown 
The eagle is made the exact same way plus one extra stippling
layer of gretchin green. The earth around it was painted with
Beastial Brown and drybrushed with Tausept Ochre. 
This is the final result :) The tiny stones are painted with Codex Grey and
drybrushed with Fortress Grey. Then I added some grass.



  1. Those look great! I love the fallen aquilla. Mine looks like junk next to that. Keep up the great work!! A quick pic of mine is on my blog as well. (honored imperium post)

  2. Thank you!
    I liked the touch with the moss! :) I always prefer when you can add more to the terrain than just paint, makes it look more "alive" (in lack of better words) and adds much more visual content to the battlefield :)