Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Weekly update

Hello :)

Here's a short weekly update for you:

I'm looking forward to this weekend, haven't played this much Warhammer in quite some time! ^^

Here's also a picture of the terminator I promised.

Realized that the highlighting wasn't as protruding as I had hoped, looked at the already painted Dark Vengance terminator and realized I had added an extra highlight as well so now I'm doing that. It looks more finished now and as soon as I have highlighted them all I can head on to the other details! Hopefully they'll all be finished by next week :)
Also I will repaint the head and the hand, the white looks a bit off and I think it will look much better with a grey undercoat and lining rather than brownish.



  1. I noticed that you havn´t drilled out the barrels on the stormbolter. I have skipped it on my first army to get things done so I can play but it adds to the model. White with grey or blue lining do look good.

  2. I will drill them out when I have finished painting the models :)