Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Next battle

Evenin' :)

Today I have been thinking a bit about what army I should play the next time I make a battle report. Since I've played Chaos Daemons mostly the last games then I thought it would be fun with another game of Dark Angels. After all I did lose and the terminators never really got to show off last time.
Though this time I thought why not no terminators? Maybe lots of bikes instead!?

Here's what I'm thinking so far, for a game of 1000p:

HQ:        Sammael

Troop:    1 Ravenwing attack squadron + 3 additional bikes with 2 melta guns + 1 Ravenwing Support    
                Squadron (aka a land speeder) with a  multi-melta and heavy flamer+ attack bike with multi    

               1  Ravenwing attack squadron + 1 plasma gun
Fast:       1 Nephilim Jetfighter
               1 Ravenwing Dark Shroud

Heavy:    1 Land Speeder Vengeance

I really want the models to be painted before I make another battle report, it's by far the funniest to watch. If I'm to go with list, well lets just say I have a lot on my plate :)

This is actually 1001 points but we agreed to that being ok since it's a friendly game :)



  1. Is this a test army to find out what the new models do or is this your "competive" army cuz i think u can drop the land speeder vengance it does great damage sure but its very glassy and high points cost cant take a hit from a dedicated tank hunter/heavy w. Also you will need troops to take and hold objectives maybe a squad in rhino or razorback with twin linked las (my transport of choice).
    Havent played the shroud speeder yet but i guess it needs to be close to your bikes and they will at some point be in close combat so keep that in mind.
    I know fliers is usually a must in this ed. but nephilim is kinda meh on paper and more a antiflier and at 1000p how many fliers will u face?.
    Your troops looks good but maybe an extra space marine squad or load up on scouts can balance it a bit.
    Im working on deathwing project but i would really like to see how your ravenwing outfit works in battle =)
    Good luck!

  2. This is just a test army based on the Ravenwing models I have at home so far + to try out as many new models as possible :)
    I was hoping that 2 units of troops would be enough and that I'd just kill of all the opponents troops so they can't score vp either ;)
    I'll most likely be facing Imperial Guard and he likes to field a flyer at about 1000p so I thought why not. Never had a flyer before either so it might be fun to try it out. ^^
    I didn't want to take any space marines this time since I wanted it to be purely Ravenwing :D

    Though my next purchase will probably be a rhino so that when I play a mixed army I can get my space marines moving. Also some more space marines or scouts since I only have 10 atm!

    Thanks for the input! :)

  3. I don't think you should count having a squad of terminators out completely. Remember that ALL Ravenwing bikes have teleport homers. Even 1 unit teleporting in can do serious damage with the Vengeful Strike rule. But then again there is nothing wrong with an all bike army.

    1. Yeah I know but since the codex actually allows for having an all ravenwing/Deathwing I wanna try it out. I will also make an army with "mixed" companies as well ^^