Friday, 18 January 2013

Why no battle report? :O

Sad but true I made a huge mistake (unknowingly) and filmed the entire battle report in a format my iMovie program can't handle so I have been changing all the movie clips into mp4 files and it's basically taken the entire evening. But the battle report will be finalizing very nicely while I sleep and be up by tomorrow morning ^^

Today I have put together my Venerable Dreadnought and primed my two terminator squads with white :) Hopefully I'll soon get cracking on painting them and making a how-to-paint guide! ^^

Here's a picture of the love of my life so that you'll be amazed by how cute she is and forget all about the battle report ^^


  1. I've always wanted a ferret. :) I hope that is one. They are so cute.

  2. dawwww! cute little ferret is cute! what's this about a late battle report? i've forgotten ;)

    but semi-seriously, does she quaify as a monsterous creature? lol

  3. Yeah it's a ferret ^^

    In all honesty when I go back to Warhammer Fantasy some day I might play Skaven just to use her as a Skaven abomination. At least she'd wreck some models ;)