Sunday, 20 January 2013

Hobby weekend

Evening! ^^

I'm gonna start of by saying that this has been an absolutely brilliant weekend. :)

The sole purpose of this weekend, besides having fun and playing some games was to teach Malin, the Necron player in the upcoming campaign, how to play her army. And she was good, learned fast and everything!
First I challenged her in a 500p game with my Chaos Daemons and ironically she was the one rolling dice like a god xD The game was Purge the Aliens, aka victory points for all killed units and then secondary victory points from Slay the warlord, linebreaker and first blood. The setup was a bit fail for me cause I had many smaller units while she had only 3 larger ones. Though it seemed even until the very end when I failed some charges and she crushed me like a bug. xD Ah well, it was fun ^^

Now the best thing about 500p is that they are not all that time-consuming so she could keep trying. :)
First against the Imperial Guard army (also 500p) and I thought it would be nice if she crushed him as well, giving me some retribution for the DA slaughter this week.
It seemed lost for the Imperial Guard since the Necrons where a tad better at shooting and killed most of the opposing units. However they played the Emperor's will and they both held each of the objectives (worth 3v.p. each).  In the end when the immortals set out to shoot down the last heavy weapon team holding the objective the commissar, last standing in his unit (and also the second only model alive), made a heroic charge, survived overwatch and a round of close combat and thus winning by one victory point (he had first blood) since the immortals didn't get to shoot in their upcoming turn and then the game ended. Turn of events indeed! ^^

The last game played that evening was Necrons against Tau (500p) and the mission the Relic. Tau won the roll off for beginning the game and planned on standing as close to the Necrons as possible for a  nice round of shooting. However Necrons stole the initative, stepped up and shot a lot of dudes to pieces, along with most of the troop choices. The game was over in the third turn - striking victory for Necrons!

All in all it was a lot of fun both to play and watch and everyone helped out with tips and tricks (even when being the opponent) to make it as good of an experience as possible. Naturally since when lured into the hobby she can be crushed like a bug without wanting the quit *evil laugh*.

After that we sat down to play a game of Chaos in the Old World (the nerdiness continues). It's an awesome game! If you haven't played it the idea of the game is that you play as one of the Chaos Gods and depending on which one you have different ways to take over the world (actually more or less destroy it). For example if you play Khorne you get points by killing others. Since Chaos Gods don't play well together of course there's plotting and scheming in order to, not only destroy the world, but also kill each other (there can only be one winner). An extra twist is the fact that if you're to slow in killing of each other and meeting the victory conditions the world wins and the gods are forced back to the warp.
If you haven't played it - play it! :)

Today we slept in and then spent the afternoon painting models. I started painting the terminators and the dread while Malin got to try her painting skills on a Necron warrior and one immortal. I for one think that even though you borrow and army and play with it feels a bit more like yours if you have helped paint some of the models. :) She's Very Good for a beginner (great for me cause two of my Necrons now look awesome!) :)
I got started on base coating and washing the terminators and the venerable dread:

During the painting I will continue to take loads of pictures so that I can make picture series how-to just
like the one for the terrain. :)

Now I'm gonna continue the brilliant weekend with some chips and Doctor Who :)

Night night


  1. you have some very nice terrain

  2. Doctor who and chips is a great way to continue any weekend. :)


    I'm still working on buidling my IG. Wish you and your friends lived closer so we could play.

  3. Thank you :)

    Yarr, distance a bitch! :(