Thursday, 10 January 2013

How did I get into the hobby?


Here's a video of me (surprise!) talking about what got me started on the hobby in the first place :)

And here are the models in the video:

 One of my very first orc boys (I sold all but this one, thought it would be fun to have as a reference later on of how I have improved my painting ^^)

 And the Slann

Hope you liked it :)


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  1. I´ll keep it in english as your blog, a few smaller armies works really great in 6th with the introduction of allies, brilliant new way of gw to let us try out new armies in small scale and get hooked. I´m almoust as done with my white panthers and thats because i have no more room in my battlefoam bag so i´m soon to begin my second army with inquisition henchmen. well gl hf and i´ll hope we get to hear some from that crusade of fire campain of yours