Tuesday, 29 January 2013

DA: Troops and Dedicated Transports


Here's the review of the Dark Angels: Troops and Dedicated Transports section of the codex :)

Today I was hoping to finish of lining some of the terminator armor on my Deathwings. I have already made the final highlight on the armor for two of them, just 8 more and one dread to go ^^ Though they look utterly unfinished at the moment since they're basically covered in bleached bone and it just looks like I have done anything (which in itself is good cause it means I did a nice job on the bleach bone coloring!). Looking forward to painting details so that they start looking complete :)
I'll take a photo of them tomorrow, tried just seconds ago but since it's already dark the highlights doesn't even show on a photo.
God, I miss summer! And, oh, I look forward to it so much cause my balcony is juuuust big enough to fit a battle board so I'll be able to make outdoorsy battle reports in the sun :D


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